What are the signs and symptoms of diabetes?

Diabetes also referred as diabetes mellitus is a type of chronic disease. It is a group of diseases that affects insulin production and it results in congregation of sugar in your body and also in your blood. In this health condition sugar in your blood increases abnormally just because the production of insulin gets affected by this. This is a condition where your body stops producing insulin or your body produces inadequate insulin or your cells do not respond to insulin. Insulin is very important for your body because it utilizes your sugar and produce energy in order to keep you active and healthy. Whatever you eat produces sugar and this sugar is being utilized by the insulin and generates energy in order to give you power to do various works. It can be considered as the main source that gives fuel to the brain. If you are having diabetes then you should be aware of that there is excessive sugar in your body that can cause life threatening symptoms. There are generally three types of diabetes that includes types 1 diabetes – in this condition your pancreas doesn’t produces insulin or produces very less insulin that is very inadequate for your body, type 2 diabetes – It is a condition where your body doesn’t utilize the produced insulin in your body and this causes congregation of sugar in your blood,

Gestational Diabetes –Gesttational diabetes It is related to pregnant women , when a woman is pregnant then she starts producing those hormones that impacts on production of insulin and if the pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin during pregnancy then this condition is called gestational diabetes but this condition can be resolved after the baby born. Below are some signs and symptoms that you have to face if you are diabetes patient:

Increased urine output: You may feel relinquishing your urine every now and then. Increased urine output could be a sign of diabetes therefore you should be aware of it.

Excessive thirst:

excesssive thirst for diabetesExcessive thirst may also be the reason and sign of diabetes. You might have been feeling that you are thirsty even after drinking adequate amount of water this could be the symptom of diabetes.
If your body is taking time to heal your wound more than usual then this could be the signs and symptoms of diabetes. Sometimes you accidentally get injured and it cause you wound and you notice that your immune system is taking more than usual time to heal your wound then you should be aware that it could be diabetes.

Hunger:hunger for diabetic person Feeling of hunger every now and then even after with your stomach full could be the sign and symptom of diabetes.
There are many other symptoms like skin problem, fatigue, yeast infection, weight loss, high blood pressure, tingling or numbness in your feet. All these may be the symptoms of diabetes. You should be aware of these symptoms because early detection of diabetes is must in order to get effective treatment.

Diabetes is a problem with your body that causes blood sugarĀ levels to rise higher or lower than normal. You can take prevention from diabetes by using this simple and usefulĀ Low Blood Sugar Home Remedies.

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