Now you can cure diabetes with Triphala Churna

An enormous no. of people is suffering from diabetes in the world. This health problem is increasing day by day. It is affecting the younger generation as well. It seems like a huge challenge for the people to stay healthy and fit. If I talk about the medicines, generally, we prefer modern medicines to manage diabetes. But, what if I ask you about the benefits of those medicines? What will be your answer? Are they working for you? Many of you might get confused because the truth is that those medicines are only suppressing the symptoms of your illness instead of not curing it from root. This is the reason for which people are searching for the alternative and undoubtedly, Ayurveda will be the best choice of yours to solve this problem. Ayurvedic medicines are made up of natural herbs and minerals that’s why they are completely safe for our body. There are no side effects of any Ayurvedic medicine until one is not taking an overdose. Another benefit of using ayurvedic medicines is that they cure your illness from root.

Just like other diseases, Ayurveda has solution for diabetes also. But, here you will be amazed to know that you can easily cure diabetes with a very common and also, very famous medicine, Triphala Churna. Triphala churna is mainly used to treat constipation, but its ingredients make it so potent to cure disease like diabetes also.


Triphala churna is made up of three ingredients – Amla, Harad, and baheda.  All these ingredients make this medicine very effective for the treatment of diabetes. It has very strong anti- oxidant properties that help in the treatment of diabetes. Triphala Churna is very helpful in maintaining the normal level of insulin in the body. It also helps the body in the consumption of insulin and produced energy. Not only this, Triphala Churna is very beneficial for digestion as well. This churna improves your digestion as well as gives relief from constipation. It helps in maintaining a proper pH level in the stomach. It increases the bowel movement that helps in the treatment of constipation. If a healthy person eats Triphala Churna daily, the risk of having diabetes in the future can be decreased up to 75 %. So, here I’m all done with the benefits and uses parts of this medicine. Now, it’s time to discuss about the dosage part of this medicine.


Patients can take 1 – 3 grams of Triphala churna with honey, ghee or lukewarm water, before food or as directed by your physician. It is very important to follow the proper dose of any medicine because overdose of anything, especially medicines can cause side effects. Generally, there are no side effects of Triphala Churna on your body, but of course overdose of any medicine will not give you good results. In that case, you may have to face some side effects like diarrhea, burning sensation in the abdomen region, lack of sleep, etc. If you feel these side effects then immediately stop the consumption of this Churna and take advice from a physician.

Now-a-days, diabetes is a very common health condition that can easily be cured by taking some precautions, by taking ayurvedic medicines regularly and by taking some extra care of yourself.

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