is weight gain a symptom of diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic health condition that causes a person’s blood sugar level to be too high and this reason your body becomes host to many unwanted and chronic complication. Diabetes also referred as a group of diabetic diseases that affects almost every part of your body but usually your heart, blood vessels, nerves, eyes, kidneys are mostly being affected by diabetes. Whatever you eat produces sugar or glucose and there is a hormone named insulin that governs glucose in order to produce energy for your body. Insulin is produced by pancreas, it is a large gland which is situated behind the stomach but next to small intestine and it has to perform two main functions. The first thing it does is discussed above and the second thing it does is that it produces digestive hormone that helps your digestive system to digest eaten food. Some factors cause dysfunctionality of your pancreas and reason that your pancreas doesn’t be able to produces insulin or it produces insulin in fewer amounts that is not adequate for your body. Sometimes pancreas functions well but it is your body who doesn’t be able to recognise insulin and your insulin is not utilized by your body or not produces enough insulin and this condition is called type 2 diabetes.

sign for diabestes symptomsIn type 1 diabetes your pancreas is attacked by your own immune system resulting in blockage of insulin production. The third condition of diabetes is when your blood sugar level rises but not as much as it could be called type 2 diabetes. This situation is called pre-diabetic stage. There are so many chronic as well as non-chronic symptoms that arise when you get affected by diabetes and these symptoms can be life threatening as well. Today we will talk about whether diabetes is to blame for weight gain or not. This problem generally occurs in type 2 diabetes where pancreas produces insulin but your body doesn’t utilize produced insulin in order to generate energy for your body. Your pancreas senses that it hasn’t produced enough insulin for your body and in this misconception it starts producing more insulin. This causes the increased amount of sugar in your body. People with type 2 diabetes often found to be overweight but some people are obese before they get diabetes and some people are those who get diabetes after being diagnosed. People with type 2 diabetes often found not to be adopted active lifestyle resulting in more and more weight gain. Therefore it is indeed true that weight gain is rightly being associated with diabetes and apart from, it causes different life threatening chronic symptoms. Weight loss is most often being seen in diabetes rather than weight gain just because your body doesn’t be able to generate energy in the absence of insulin resulting in your body starts consuming your own fat and this causes weight loss in your body. Therefore weight loss and weight gain both can be related to diabetes and adopting an active lifestyle, having nutritious diet can reduce the risk of being obese or thin.

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