Is diabetes the real cause behind swollen feet?

Swollen feet and ankles are the most common problems which have numerous causes. Is diabetes one of them? Yes, most of the people suffering from the diabetes complain of swelling in the feet and legs. The main reason for this problem is improper blood circulation due to damaged blood capillaries which are the results of increased pressure. Damaged capillaries cause leakage of fluids into surrounding tissues which causes swelling.swollen feet 1If you are a diabetic patient, you might have experienced swollen feet many times. You might have also seen that in diabetes patients, the wounds do not heal quickly. This is due to poor circulation of blood in the body. Due to this factor, foot problems may become serious quickly in diabetes patients. They also increase the risk of infections and severe complications like foot ulcers and gangrene that can lead to limb amputation.  So, you should not ignore even minor swelling in your feet.

For any diabetic patient, it is must to consult a doctor in case you experience any change in your body. The people who have diabetes for several years need to be extra careful because this problem comes with so many attached risks. If you have diabetes and experiencing swelling feet, the reason could be following -:

1.Themain reason for leg swelling in case of diabetes is peripheral edema. In this, fluids collect in the legs, ankles and feet and become quite severe if left untreated.

2.Sometimes, diabetic patients may also suffer from diabetic neuropathy. This condition lead to numbness in legs and feet. As a result of this, diabetic patients may not be able to feel injury and continue to use the limb but the swelling caused by injury raises concern and that’s why consultation with doctor becomes important.swollen feet 2

3.High blood pressure can also result in leg swelling as fluids begin to build up within the tissues of the body. High blood pressure is the common problem in diabetic patients.

4.Diabetics have low immunity towards infections and your swelling could be a sign of infection in your leg. Further signs of infections include mild fever and redness along with the swelling.

There are generally two types of diabetes- type1 and type 2 but a type of diabetes that is less known is gestational diabetes. This is a unique kind of diabetes that affects only pregnant women and usually disappears once the woman gives birth to the baby. This type of diabetes can also lead to swelling in the legs, though the pregnancy itself can contribute largely to the collected fluids in the legs, causing the swelling.

When the swelling has just started, some simple lifestyle changes can reduce swelling and provide relief from the pain.

Exercise regularly -:

physical ActivitiesFor a healthy body, you need to be physically active.  Regular exercise will improve bone and muscle health in your feet and legs, improve circulation to your legs and also regulate your blood sugar levels. Regular exercise can strengthen your immune system which protects you from the attack of various diseases.

Reduce salt intake -:

Some simple dietary changes can also give you positive results in leg swelling. Doctors even recommend less salt intake to diabetic patients. This is because salt increases blood pressure which causes swelling in the feet.

Massage and elevate your feet -: 

Massage and elevate your feetMassage improves blood circulation in the entire legs and reduces pain associated with swelling. Elevation of the feet needs some support or pillow for 10-15 minutes every day to reduce the swelling. It drains out the extra fluids from the surrounding tissues and improves circulation.

Although swelling in legs and feet is common in diabetic patients but it can also lead to several complications such as foot ulcers and infection due to injury. So, all diabetic patients should be more careful and if you are experiencing severity of pain, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.


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