How can nag bhasma treat diabetes?

Do you know about the nag bhasma, an ayurvedic medicine? Well, don’t worry. Today, I am going to tell you the amazing health benefits of nag bhasma especially for diabetes. Yes, this is an ayurvedic medicine that is really effective in curing a number of health issues.

diabetesDiabetes is one of the common health issues that are affecting millions of lives and may be you are one in the list. Diabetes is a health condition in which your blood sugar level rises. Your body does not produce enough insulin for the proper functioning of the body. Insulin is a type of hormone that helps in breaking down of glucose which you get from the foods that you eat and then provides energy to different parts of the body. The high sugar level in the blood can also increase the risk of heart problems and the high blood pressure problem.

Nag Bhasma for Diabetes

naga-bhasma-Here is a good news for you. You can control the high blood sugar level in your body with the help of an ayurvedic medicine named as nag bhasma. Nag bhasma is a popular ayurvedic medicine in Ayurveda which is made up of lead. It contains nanoparticles of lead and the size of these nanoparticles is about 60nm. The main component of nag bhasma is lead sulfide which is mixed with other organic substances and several other minerals in which lead is processed.

In Ayurveda, nag bhasma is widely used for treating diabetes, mellitus, spleen enlargement, hiatus hernia, frequent urination and arthritis. It is likely to act on the parts of the body such as stomach, joints, muscles, testes, urinary bladder, intestines and ligaments. The main ingredient of nag bhasma is suddha naga (processed and detoxified lead) powder. Other natural ingredients used in the preparation of nag bhasma are pipal tree, lime water, turmeric, nirgundi leaves, neem, chichiri and many others. Nag bhasma for diabetes is prepared through a long and ancient process for purification.

nag bhasma.Nag bhasma helps to maintain the adequate blood sugar level in the body or you can say decrease the high blood sugar level. It is a fine powder formulation which is used for the management of frequent urination, spleen enlargement, impotency, arthritis, mellitus and diabetes. It is also useful for many skin diseases such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. The natural ingredients used in the preparation of nag bhasma are able to balance the all three doshas that are vata, pitta and kapha as well as their related disorders. It is really beneficial for the management of diabetes naturally. It helps to produce the enough insulin in the blood for the proper functioning of the body.

Neem-Leaves-And-TurmericTurmeric and neem present in nag bahsma are extremely beneficial for the treatment of diabetes. They have the ability to reduce the high blood sugar level in the body and also to make you healthy. Curcumin in turmeric helps to protect beta cells which produce insulin. The antioxidant properties of turmeric help to fight off infections and diseases. Neem leaf is also an effective cure for diabetes. All these ingredients present in nag bhasma make it a powerful home remedy for diabetes. So, if you are struggling with diabetes, you should give a try to nag bhasma which is more effective than your antivirals or medicines.

ayurveda boonThe good news is that nag bahsma for diabetes is completely safe because it is an ayurvedic treatment. The recommended dosage of nag bhasma is 62.5 to 125mg once or twice a day before or after the food or as directed by the doctor. You can take this ayurvedic bhasma with ghee, honey, milk or sugar. Regular consumption of this ayurvedic medicine will provide you the amazing health benefits. It will manage your blood sugar level as well as give you other health benefits.

The good thing about Ayurvedic medicines is that they help to boost your immunity power while antivirals make your immune system weak. A sound immune system helps to fight off viruses, illnesses and different kind of diseases. So, stop taking antivirals and start ayurvedic treatment. It will take some time but give you astonishing positive effects. As you know that diabetes is a common health issue these days so, if you want to protect yourself from its complications, try nag bhasma for diabetes treatment. You can buy Nag bhasma from Parmanand Ayurveda.



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